George Grispos

About Me

I have been a Post-doctoral Researcher within the SPARE research group since August 2015. I received my PhD in Computing Science from the University of Glasgow in Scotland, where my thesis was entitled On The Enhancement of Data Quality in Security Incident Response Investigations. Previously, I graduated from Middlesex University in London with a B.Sc. (Hons.) in Computer Networks (1st Class) in 2009, before going to Glasgow and completing a M.Sc. in Computer Forensics and E-Discovery (conferred with Merit) from the University of Glasgow in 2010.

My research interests generally lie within the domains of digital forensics, software engineering and information security management. Some of the topics I currently work/have worked on include:

Digital Forensics - Mobile device forensics; Forensic investigations of cloud computing environments; Impact of digital forensic investigations on organisations; Residual data.

Software Engineering - Engineering forensic-ready software systems; Empirical software engineering and digital forensics; Adaptive compliance in cloud environments.

Information Security Management - Data quality in security incident response processes; Business impact of security investigations; Agile security incident response; Operational security management for cloud computing.

You can find out more about my research on Google Scholar, DBLP, ACM and ORCID.


If you are interested in collaborating on any of the above research topics, please get in touch. I am fortunate enough to be currently working with a number of people around the world on a variety of topics:

  • Ali Dehghantanha (University of Salford, UK) - Mobile Device Forensics.
  • Jesús García Galán (Lero, Ireland) - Adaptive Compliance and the Impact of Compliance on Software Development.

  • Brad Glisson (University of South Alabama, USA) - Investigating the Impact of Digital Forensic Investigations on Organisations, Mobile Device Forensics and Residual Data.
  • Mia Plachkinova (University of Tampa, USA) and Raymond Choo (University of Texas at San Antonio, USA)  - Residual Data from Android Mobile Applications.
  • Arun Ross (Michigan State University, USA) - Residual Data Implications in Healthcare Settings.

Selected Publications

A more complete list of my publications can be found on Google Scholar.

J. García-Galán, L. Pasquale, G. Grispos, B. Nuseibeh (2016). Towards Adaptive Compliance. Proceedings of the 11th International Workshop on Software Engineering for Adaptive and Self-Managing Systems (SEAMS 2016), Austin, Texas, USA. [DOI] [PDF]

W.B. Glisson, T. Storer, A. Blyth, G. Grispos, and M. Campbell (2016). In-The-Wild Residual Data Research and Privacy. The Journal of Digital Forensics, Security and Law (JDFSL), Volume 11, Issue 1, Pages 77-98. [DOI] [PDF]

G. Grispos, W.B. Glisson, and T. Storer (2015). Security Incident Response Criteria: A Practitioner's Perspective. 21st Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS 2015), August 13-15, 2015, Puerto Rico, USA. [DOI] [PDF]

G. Grispos, W.B. Glisson, and T. Storer (2013). Using smartphones as a proxy for forensic evidence contained in cloud storage services. 46th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS 2013), 7-10 Jan. 2013, Wailea, Hawaii, USA. [DOI] [PDF]

G. Grispos, T. Storer, and W.B. Glisson (2012). Calm Before the Storm: The Challenges of Cloud Computing in Digital Forensics. International Journal of Digital Crime and Forensics, Volume 4, Issue 2, Pages 28-48. IGI Global. [DOI] [PDF]

G. Grispos, T. Storer, and W.B. Glisson (2011). A Comparison of Forensic Evidence Recovery Techniques for a Windows Mobile Smart Phone. Digital Investigation, Volume 8, Pages 22-36. Elsevier. [DOI] [PDF]