Liliana Pasquale has received the Inaugural Lero Research award in recognition of her impactful and outstanding research.

This award will support the engineering of sustainable adaptive security systems. Such systems should preserve security throughout their use and subsequent evolution. They should be capable of discovering changes that may bring unanticipated security threats (e.g., anomalies, component changes) and managing the evolution of security requirements and controls to mitigate such threats. Although autonomy is a desired property of sustainably secure systems, human intervention canbe beneficial and sometimes essential to preserve security. For example, humans can monitor security-relevant data or support the diagnosis of anomalies. Because human intervention comes at a price, i.e. depletion of human resources (e.g., human attention and engagement), this project will also explore the engineering of stakeholders’ interactions and explanations that could sustain stakeholders’ engagement and attention and ultimately preserve security in the long run.

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